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At Beard Winter, we appreciate that time is money, and we also understand how to save our clients a great deal of both in the long run. We bring to the table a tradition of excellence and a thorough knowledge of legal and commercial environments across a variety of fields, both domestic and international. What this means for our clients is that there is no learning curve, and no incurred costs to bring us up to speed. We know that our clients don't appreciate wasted time, vague answers or elaborate schemes. We provide our clients with the things they really need from their lawyers.
Calgary, AB
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McGurk Fraese Family Lawyers is a boutique law firm practicing exclusively family law. Our Calgary divorce lawyers offer a fresh approach to resolving conflicts and helping clients start their new life, understanding that the process defines the results. It is an approach that combines compassion with competence, drawing on years of focused experience assisting clients with separation, divorce, property division, spousal support, child support, parenting and other family law matters. Our website features a free visual spousal support calculator and child support calculator. We are expanding to Vancouver in 2016 and are currently looking to hire Vancouver family lawyers.
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